Parish Responsibilities

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government, working on behalf of its community to improve and enhance life in Crockenhill. Apart from the day-to-day running of the Parish, such as reporting pot holes, arranging for bins to be emptied, drains to be cleaned, recycling modules to be emptied, the Parish Council also carries out many other responsibilities. It owns and maintains the village street lighting, is responsible for two play areas and the grass cutting of the three parish Council-owned recreation areas including 28 acres at Harvestfield, which is includes allotment and leisure areas.


The Parish Council also deals with any problems/issues that members of the public may have, and is notified of every planning application affecting the Parish. For those which may have a major impact, it may organise a public meeting to inform residents. The Council always comments on planning applications and is a consultee of the many KCC and SDC documents received. 




The following list illustrates the work of the Parish Council – it is by no means exhaustive!

Provides a voice for Crockenhill

Presses hard for more uniformed presence in the village.

Expresses a local view on each planning application in Crockenhill and those on periphery.

Councillors attend Development Control meetings at Sevenoaks District Council where important Crockenhill planning applications are discussed.

Meets with Chief Executive and officers of Sevenoaks District Council regarding important issues affecting the village.

Successfully campaigned to get postal address changed to include “Crockenhill” as opposed to Swanley.

Councillors regularly attend Consortium meetings with Eynsford, Horton Kirby & South Darenth, Otford and Shoreham to discuss common local issues.

Deals with local issues


Works closely with local PCSO Steve Vincent.

Purchased Green Court Meadow to preserve the open space for the future


Pushed for double yellow lines in Main Road to make junction safer.


Campaigned for parking outside of the shops in the Broadway to be limited to encourage greater passing trade.


Helped make Parish footpaths cleaner and safer.

Worked closely with residents and KCC Councillor Roger Gough to get new road signs and markings in the village. 

Works closely with Kent County Councillor Roger Gough and Sevenoaks District Councillor Steve Lindsay


Worked to provide Broadband for not spots at Well Hill and faster Broadband for those in the centre of the village.


Set up an Emergency Local Plan listing vulnerable residents and those willing to help in an emergency.


Maintains local amenities and the village environment

Harvestfield & Village Green – Ongoing improvements and maintenance to the park.


Employs Amenities Assistants to carry out weekly checks of recreational equipment for safety and ensure the cleanliness of those areas.

Annual inspection of areas in Village carried out by Councillors

Village Green & Harvestfield playgrounds – Monitors safety on a regular basis.

Allotments – maintains and manages them.

Negotiated with SDC to take over grassed amenity areas in Woodmount and Newports to

ensure their future as amenity land.

Supports the playing of Cricket on the Cricket Meadow.

Maintains the raised flower bed in the centre of the village.

Appoints voluntary Tree Wardens.

Keeps War Memorial and Dibsdall Memorial clean and tidy.

Purchased new sign for Cricket Meadow to mark Centenary from start of WW1


Improving and regenerating Anchor in Hope site, painted railings, set bulbs, repaired benches and sign and planting bushes.  Responsible for cutting the grass 8-10 times per year.

Supports local groups and charities.

Grants made to various local groups.

Improvements made to Harvestfield Park to encourage greater use

Keeps you informed

Web site is maintained and regularly updated.

2 newsletters & lists of local organisations and contacts distributed each year.

Distribute flyers keeping residents informed of current issues as required.

Keeps notice boards up to date 


Supports the Steering Group


Organises annual lunch for over 60s


Project Managed rejigging Village Hall to provide a fit for purposes parish office with space for police if needed, new disabled toilet, moved table store to make more accessible, doors on hall for more secure playgroup, new committee room.


Produced a Heritage Walk booklet for the village.


Looking into improving facilities on Village Green playground


Campaigned for staggered railings on Village Green to make safer for children


Campaigned for staggered railings in Woodmount to deter motorcycles and make it safer for residents

Councillors give their time freely

11 full Council meetings are held each year along with a slightly smaller number of planning meetings.  There is also an Annual Parish Meeting once a year.

A councillor attends Village Hall Committee meetings.


Councillors frequently meet and manage contractors on site.

Councillors regularly attend NHS update meetings.

Councillors attend several Community events.

Councillors attended Wreath Laying service on Remembrance Sunday.

Councillors provide local emergency planning help to authorities if required.

Makes Crockenhill a better place to live

Organises and pays for plants and maintenance of the flower baskets at the front of the Village Hall.


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