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The parish council is inviting you to comment on the trial rumble strips on Green Court Road, just prior to entering the 20mph zone.  However, we would ask that you bear in mind that various proposals have been put forward over the past 20 years or so to reduce speed of traffic through the village, which has mostly been concentrated on the centre of the village.  All the proposals have been discussed and updated at our public meetings each month, to which you are all cordially invited.  The parish council has been thwarted on many ideas due to road limitations, KCC regulations, get nes, law etc.  The proposed rumble strips are what the parish council considers the best option to achieve slower speeds, taking all the above into account.



First muted over 20 years ago and looked at again recently.  Not enough space for a roundabout with buses to use.  Too narrow from Eynsford Road to access onto roundabout.


Change of Priorities

Likely to increase speed of traffic from Orpington to Swanley and vice versa and likely to make exiting from Old Chapel Road more dangerous.


Mirror for Old Chapel Road

Proven to distort oncoming traffic and speed of traffic so considered dangerous and not supported by the police.  Likely to be subject to vandalism.


Raised platform for centre of village

Despite high costs there are a number of service cables under the main road which prevents this from happening.


Full Humps in the road

Cannot be used on a B road with buses as against current guidelines.


Partial Humps

These could be installed but cars tend to straddle these and they do not reduce speeds.


Flashing signs

One installed along Cray Road but not sure how effective this is.  If you have one showing speed it is known that some people will try to get this speed to register as high as they can and this just encourages speeding.



Roads not really wide enough and these have proven dangerous in Hextable where vehicles try to beat oncoming cars.



KCC will not install until such time as a fatal accident or a proven black spot.


Hand held speed guns

These are effective but only whilst they are being used by the police.  As soon as motorists see the yellow high viz jacket they slow down and nobody has been prosecuted for high speed but there have been a couple of warning letters.


20mph zones

Cars already have to be doing less than 30mph to install a 20mph zone.  We have been extremely lucky in getting this installed.  It is now a case of educating people.


Granite setts

These are still on the agenda.  It is possible they may be installed if rumble strips are ineffective.  However, it could involve road closures and they are sometimes higher maintenance.  They can sometimes be slightly noisier for residents who live very close-by. There would be only one strip across the road at each 20mph sign.  They are expensive.


Rumble Strips

Being trialled in Green Court Road.  We are taking comments on board.  If effective they will be used in Eynsford Road and Cray Road.


Zebra Crossing in Main Road

Several meetings on site with KCC but they are adamant there is not enough room for the safety features necessary with this.  It is extremely costly and there are ongoing costs for electricity



Looked at just a crossing place from Cheques to Anchor & Hope site.  It was proposed right near the corner and would only involve drop down kerb with red paving.  Felt this was too dangerous.    No space further up in Eynsford Road and felt people would not necessarily walk to it.  Would also lose car parking spaces.


Parked Cars

There is the thought that double yellow lines stops inconsiderate parking but does free up the road allowing the cars to proceed at a greater speed!


Reduce speed along Goldsel Road

Requested speed limit be reduced from 40mph to 30mph along Goldsel Road to the bridge but not possible due to lack of housing and spacing of street lights.



Agreed in Cray Road, Goldsel Road and Eynsford Road.  Should be installed soon.


Many people are of the opinion that too many signs are just ignored and confuse people.  At the end of the day it is education that speed kills, and that vehicles need to slow down through our village, that needs to be enforced.  



Crockenhill Parish extends to approximately 570 hectares and as of February 2014 there were 1336 on the electoral roll.  

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The aim of this web site is to keep people informed and to be more open and accountable to the general public.  

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